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   American Museum of Natural History Super Saver Ticket   

See everything and save with the Super Saver ticket! This great value includes admission to the Museum and Rose Center for Earth and Space plus all special exhibitions, IMAX film, and the Hayden Planetarium Space Show!


The Natural History Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in New York City. For 125 years, the American Museum of Natural History has been one of the world's preeminent science and research institutions, renowned for its collections and exhibitions that illuminate millions of years of the earth's evolution, from the birth of the planet through the present day. The Natural History Museum is a must-see, especially if you're traveling with children, since many of the exhibits appeal to a person's sense of wonder and curiosity.




Special Shows and Exhibitions:

IMAX FilmPenguins (on view July 8, 2013―January 8, 2014)  written and narrated by naturalist and noted filmmaker Sir David Attenborough, follows a King Penguin on the perilous journey from youth to fatherhood, on the island of South Georgia, near Antarctica.  The young male King Penguin at the center of Penguins must earn his place among the island inhabitants while finding a mate and raising a family. The film, set amid steep mountain ranges and windblown icy plains, follows him through the most challenging time in a King Penguin’s life, when he is driven to nurture and defend his offspring against harsh weather and fierce predators.


Hayden Planetarium Space Show: Journey to the Stars through October 4, 2013
Experience one of the world's most impressive virtual reality simulators, the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater. Enjoy an enthralling Space Show that takes you to the outer reaches of the universe. Watch the birth and death of stars up close and be whisked away to the time when the first stars were born, 13 billion years ago. Watch the brilliance of the supernova explosions that spread so many different kinds of matter throughout the universe. Find out how we are intimately connected with the stars.


Whales: Giants of the Deep― through January 5, 2014

Come closer than ever to some of the mightiest, most massive, and mysterious mammals on earth.   Through a variety of interactive exhibits, visitors will experience a re-created dive to the depths of the sea with a sperm whale on the hunt for a giant squid, crawl through a life-size replica of the heart of the blue whale—the largest living animal on the planet—listen to whale croons, and meet people whose lives have been inextricably linked with whales—from legendary whale riders to scientists and former whaling families.


Frogs: A Chorus of Colors through January 5, 2014
Back by popular demand, this delightful exhibition introduces visitors to the colorful and richly diverse world of frogs. More than 200 live frogs, from the tiny golden mantella frog (less than an inch long) to the enormous African bullfrog (as big as eight inches in diameter), will be shown in their re-created habitats, complete with rock ledges, live plants, and waterfalls.

Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture ― through August 11th 2013
Celebrate a variety of cultures via their cooking. Learn the stories behind the momentous meals, markets and moments that connect food with human history. Find out about how different ingredients have come to shape the world throughout the years.


Upcoming Special Exhibits:


The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter October 12, 2013–May 26, 2014

This exhibition, an annual favorite, features up to 500 live, free-flying tropical butterflies from the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The butterflies are housed in a vivarium that approximates their natural habitat, includes live flowering plants that serve as nectar sources, and features controlled artificial light, temperature, and humidity. Featured species include iridescent blue morpho butterflies, striking scarlet swallowtails, and large owl butterflies. Text panels located immediately outside the vivarium offer information about the evolution and life cycle of butterflies, including explanations of mimicry, diversity, and butterflies’ important role in conservation.


New Hayden Planetarium Space Show - Opening October 5, 2013

A spectacular new Hayden Planetarium Space Show will take viewers through the recent dramatic advances in our knowledge of the universe and explore what’s to come in the future of cosmology. Viewers will gaze up at the bright Milky Way from Mt. Wilson Observatory in California—where Edwin Hubble first discovered galaxies outside of our own—and plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere with a probe from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft. Through an extremely detailed, never-before-seen visualization based on new scientific data, the audience will experience how dark matter—an invisible form of matter—shapes galaxies.  Viewers also will delve into the mysteries of dark energy, the force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe. This show will explore how a new age of discovery has begun as ever-larger instruments on the ground and in space reveal the previously unknown about our cosmos.  Space Shows are available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The Power of Poison - November 16, 2013–August 10, 2014

Cleopatra was said to prefer the bite of an asp, while the powerful Borgia family dispatched their enemies with arsenic in Renaissance Italy. For centuries, humans have marveled at the secrets of poisons and sought to harness their toxic powers—and this exhibition will explore both the biological basics of poison and the ways in which people have confronted its perils and potential.

Approaching poison from several different perspectives—as a dynamic defense system used by animals locked in evolutionary arms races with predators; as a compelling thread that runs through familiar legends, myths, and fables; as a series of mysteries visitors encounter and solve, including what suddenly poisoned Captain James Cook and two naturalists aboard his ship, the Resolution, while it was anchored off the shores of New Caledonia in the autumn of 1774; as a promising source for powerful medical treatments—Poison brings into sharp focus this captivating topic.





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